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(TEN) Things I’ve Got in The Works

March 6, 2012

(Disclaimer: This is the wordiest post Notes On a Wire has ever seen. I’ll return to my regularly scheduled picture posts next time!)

1. My car was hit in the parking lot while I was at work waaaaay back in December. The crunch is on the passenger side and did not come to my attention until a girlfriend pointed it out while I was picking her up for dinner. Oops. Skip over the multiple calls to my insurance company, the offender’s insurance company and flash forward to March when I finally have the check in hand. My collision repair is scheduled for Monday–WOO! I can’t wait to fix my damaged goods!

2. Moving to Austin, I knew Spanish would be almost as common as English. I took two semesters of high school Spanish and have a small collection of phrases that are immensely helpful at work (I can introduce myself and my role, direct families to the bathroom, and engage in small talk regarding the kids favorite things, comment on how little Spanish I know, and let families know I’ll contact the interpreter). I’ve been researching Spanish Language Classes and would like to enroll in a full emersion course. My wonky schedule might make this harder than I think but I’d love to find an instructor that would meet with me on a rotating basis.

3. Along with Spanish Language Classes, I’m scouring craigslist and the UT music school for someone willing to help me out with my mad guitar skillz (totally wannabe, right here). I bought my guitar when I started my first job out of college as a sort of high-five for making it out into the real world. I took a few lessons while I lived in New Hampshire from this incredibly talented man named Wolfgang (He was a transplant from Europe with an amazing ability to learn any song just by listening to it. I couldn’t make this up if I tried). So now I’m looking for my Texas Wolfgang to help beef up my skills.

4. Taxes. Yuck. I’ll be filing in two states just my federal taxes which means double yuck yay for me this year.

5. This month has got me saying Holy Visitors Batman! My mom is visiting next week. The day she leaves a friend from college is staying with me for South By South West. Then, at the end of the month a high school friend is crashing at my place while she runs the ZOOMBA Women’s Half Marathon. I love playing hostess — especially now that I actually have the space to have people stay with me.

6. In light of number 5, I have an entirely separate list of projects I want to tackle before said guests arrive. Mainly, I want to hang the massive amount of artwork I have leaning against the wall in my living room. My pinterest addiction has also lead me to believe I need to whip up my own liquid hand soap, create some typographic string art, and learn how to DIY a set of wall buttons. And speaking of artwork, 2012 is going to the year of TTV at the casa de Molly.

7. My insatiable desire to be outside enjoying the gorgeous weather (Hellloooooo, Spring!)  has inspired me to start running. Historically, I hate running. I’m a soccer player–put me on a field and I’ll run all day, but put me on a track and I’m wheezing like it’s going out of style. Well, apparently I kind of, sort of, maaaaybe enjoy running if it involves being at Town Lake or breezing through down town. That and I discovered a great app to track my time (I’m like a 5 year old; turn something into a competition and IT IS ON).

8. March is also New Bike Month. I’ve been lusting after a specific bike for about a year and a half now. I’m what people might refer to as a penny pincher/over thinker. I research the hell out of products, find multiple places nearby that sell said product, visit frequently, talk about how much said product will enhance my life, have a savings account dedicated for said product, and then not buy it. It’s a stupid cycle. I did it with my cell phone (after 4 months, I finally decided I was allowed to enter the 21st century and got my iPhone). I did it with my guitar (see above). I even did this debate cycle with my cat, Juno (I seriously get weepy every time I watch this ad. I’m such a sap). And now I’m doing it with this bike. But no more! By the end of the month (when the bike shop has their annual spring sale) I will be the proud owner of a cute little cruiser bike with a basket on the back.

9. A friend of mine here in Austin recently built a chicken coop; right now it’s a two chicken outfit and El Pollo Loco and Attila the Hen are looking for a few roommates. Guess who’s getting a chicken??? This girl! M and I have been talking about this a lot–it’s always been a pipe dream of M’s to own his flock of chickens so we can enjoy fresh eggs everyday. I’ll be posting more about this when the big day comes.

10. My grandparents ordered a new living room set and are donating their old couches to the Molly Needs Furniture Fund. Hand-me-downs are the best, I’m so thankful to my family for all their great cast offs (my parents gifted this great vintage mirror and I have a couple ornate wooden side tables from my grandparents). I can’t wait to have REAL, GROWN-UP FURNITURE! ::insert happy dance here:: This is the same excitement I had when I bought my first dinning room table (because up until then, all meals were eaten on the couch or over the sink) (who am I kidding, I still eat on the couch and over the sink sometimes. But at least it’s a choice now!! ha ha ha).

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  1. March 6, 2012 10:34 pm

    Hey good news.. No income tax in Texas, I live here.

    Also, Austin is great.

  2. March 7, 2012 12:08 am

    Hey, that IS good news.


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